Laravel QR Code Generator

Create QR Codes with Laravel

This is a wrapper for QR Code Generator for PHP, a standalone library to generate QR Codes in PNG and SVG.


Install using composer:

$ composer require werneckbh/laravel-qr-code
Laravel 5.4 (5.5+ can skip this step)

You need to add provider and alias to your config/app.php file:


'providers' => [     


'aliases' => [

'QRCode' => LaravelQRCode\Facades\QRCode::class,     

QR Code Types

Laravel QR Code Generator supports the following QR Codes:

Common Options

These options are available to any of the QR Code types above.

Option Return value Expected Values
setErrorCorrectionLevel($level) $this ‘L’,’M’,’Q’ or ‘H’
setSize(4) $this Pixel size. 1 to 10
setMargin(3) $this 1 to 10
setOutfile($file) $this file path (public) and name.ext to save QR Code
png()   stream (or save if outfile is set) QR Code as a PNG image
svg()   stream (or save if outfile is set) QR Code as an SVG image